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Canoe the Dordogne River near Sarlat. Day Trips or Multi Day Tours

Canoes Loisirs | Canoe the Dordogne River near Sarlat.
Day Trips or Multi Day Tours

Canoe the beautiful Dordogne river with Canoes LoisirsTravel down the river in either individual canoes or kayaks departing from our base in Vitrac, Black Perigord. Enjoy the beauty of the Dordogne valley and discover the historic chateaux and unforgettable scenery of the Dordogne from the river. This is a wonderful, relaxing way to see a stunning and historic part of the region.

Our canoe base is in Vitrac on the banks of the Dordogne only 8 km from Sarlat. At the base there is ample parking, a picnic area next to the river and free toilets. To complete this pleasant day, a snack bar offers a wide range of drinks and meals with views of the river.
Our team speaks English and ensures continuous departures between 9h and 17h every day of the week.
So do not hesitate and join us at our canoes base in Vitrac for exploring the Dordogne in a canoe!

Canoes Loisirs offers various canoe trips of 9-25 km from Beynac to Calviac for a magical day or trips of several days from Beaulieu to Beynac. These trips will surprise you with their  hidden treasures and you will never get tired of discovering with every stroke of the paddles.

We also offer caving excursions, climbing, cycling and horse riding.

About the Dordogne River
472 km long, the Dordogne has its source at the foot of the Puy de Sancy, in the Massif Central, then joins the Garonne at the estuary of the Gironde. This river was a trade route across the river Quercy and Perigord, traders carrying their goods on board barges until the early 20th century, 
This region is steeped in history, the line of demarcation between the kingdoms of France and England was marked by the 100 years war, the evidence of this dark period can still be seen on the banks of the Dordogne with countless castles, cave dwellings and other English country houses. 

Canoe the River | Day Trips on the River

Canoe down the Dordogne river at your own pace passing the majestic castles of Castelnaud and Beynac along with the gorgeous village of La Roque - Gagneac. You will be collected at the end of your canoe trip and returned to your car at our base in Vitrac.

Here are some examples of our Day Trips
  1. Relaxing on the water with views of the castle of Montfort | Carsac to Vitrac: 9 km, about 2:00* hours
  2. 100% natural descent for a relaxing day | Calviac to Vitrac: 19 km, 3h30* hours
  3. The beauty of the valley castles in half a day | Vitrac to Castelnaud: 12 km, about 2:30* hours
  4. The prettiest route of the Dordogne uncountable beauties |Carsac to Beynac: 25 km, about 4:30* hours
  5. The 5 castles valley and 3 'most beautiful villages of France' | Vitrac to Beynac: 16 km, about 3:00* hours

*note these times are approximate

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Canoe Dordogne River
Canoe the River | Holidays
Spend longer of the Dordogne river and travel doen the river over several days. Canoes Loisirs offers canoe trips from 2 to 6 days over 150 km of the Dordogne. There are a variety of different packages and options available. Visit the website for more information 

Here are some examples of the canoes holidays

2 days - 
From Calviac to Beynac 

3 days - From Souillac to Beynac 
4 days - From Meyronne to Beynac 
5 days - From Carennac to Beynac 
6 days - 
De Beaulieu to Beynac 

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Canoe Dordogne River