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Tourist Attractions In Sarlat And The Dordogne

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The region centred around the medieval town of Sarlat in the picturesque Dordogne countryside has some of the best experiences France has to offer. The Dordogne is referred to as The Land of 1000 Chateaux due to the countless fortresses and majestic historic homes. We have included some information about places to visit in the neighbouring departments of the Lot & the Correze, both of which are worth exploring.

Visitors to the area will discover numerous quaint villages, all with there own character and charm. There are forests and pristine streams, bustling markets and pre-historic sites, gourmet delights and local wine.  We have something for everyone.

Sarlat | Everything Dordogne

Sarlat is a beautiful medieval town filled with golden sandstone buildings in the Dordogne department of South-West France. Situated about 200 km east of Bordeaux amongst the rolling hills of Perigord Noir. Sarlat has been beautifully restored and is recognised as one of the best examples of a medieval town in France if not all of Europe.

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Pre-Historic Cave Paintings | Everything Dordogne

Lascaux caves are a short drive from Sarlat near the popular town of Montignac. Discovered in 1940 by four boys searching for their lost dog, Lascaux caves showcase some of the most exceptional examples of pre-historic art in the world. Lascaux was opened to the public post WWII and quickly became a popular tourist destination. The caves were closed in 1963 due to the damage being caused to the paintings from the high number of visitors to the site and remains closed to this day.

An identical reproduction called Lascaux II is now open to the public and is an exceptional reproduction of the original site and is one of the most popular Dordogne tourist attractions. Technicians painstakingly reproduced the art using the same techniques and paint pigmentation the pre-historic man used.

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Domme | Everything Dordogne

The Bastide of Domme sits high above the Dordogne River and valley on a rocky outcrop. Domme is a short drive from Sarlat and is a popular tourist destination with many tourist attractions to see. Established in 1280 Domme quickly became an important trading town and one coveted by many. The town repeatedly moved from French to English control during the 100 years war and was decimated by the Huguenots during the War of Religion.

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