Le Bugue | Things to See and Do in Le Bugue

Le Bugue | Things to See and Do in Le Bugue

Le Bugue

Le Bugue is located on the banks of the Vézère River a few kilometres before the union of the Vézère with the Dordogne River at Limeuil.

Le Bugue has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In 964 a Benedictine monastery was founded in here under the name of Saint Marcel and Saint Salvador which no longer stands.

Le Bugue was a prosperous town during the 12th century until it, and the region of Perigord, came under English rule. Le Bugue was a much desired and therefore hotly disputed between British troops and those of the King of France, and therefore suffered greatly. One of the most important dates in the history of Le Bugue is November 1319, when the King of France, Philippe Le Long, ordered by deed that the market be perpetually held on Tuesday. This act is still presently in force.

The end of the 19th century was marked by the construction of the local bridge and the arrival of the railroad (the line between Périgueux and Agen).

Today Le Bugue is a bustling market town that has a large ex-pat population.

Things to See and Do in Le Bugue

The Church of Saint Sulpice

The Town Hall

The Grotte de Bara Bahau is on the edge of Le-Bugue and contains a number of engravings made by prehistoric man.

Gouffre de Proumeyssac which has a large cavern and excellent collection of stalactites

The Aquarium at Le Bugue is very popular and interesting.

Market held every Tuesday since a decree from the King of France in 1319.


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