Domme | Tourist Attractions in Domme

Domme | Tourist Attractions in Domme

The Bastide of Domme sits high above the Dordogne River and valley on a rocky outcrop. Situated in the Dordogne department of France not far from Sarlat, Domme is a popular tourist destination with many tourist attractions to see.

Established in 1280 Domme quickly became an important trading town and one coveted by many. The town repeatedly moved from French to English control during the 100 years war and was decimated by the Huguenots during the War of Religion.

Built to strict architectural principles of the time that governed the design and layout of fortified towns the streets of Domme all intersect at right-angles. Domme has retained its charm with beautifully restored honey coloured stone houses and buildings and charming flower-filled lanes.

Domme has a number of tourist attractions to see which include the beautifully preserved remaining gates (portes) The Portes des Bos, the Portes des Lacombe and the Porte des Tours where the Knight Templars were imprisoned from 1307 to 1318 during the trial against them. A popular Domme tourist attraction is a visit to the Knight Templar Tower where the Templar graffiti can be seen. To see this popular Domme tourist attraction book at the tourist office.

Domme has a number of remarkable buildings which are popular tourist attractions; these include the 17th century covered market, the stunning Town Hall dating from the 15th century, along with the Governors house and the Paul Reclus museum which has a collection of Archeology, Ethnology and Historic items.

In the centre of the Domme covered market is the entrance to the magnificent Domme Caves (Grottes de Domme), which during times of siege was used as a hiding place by the towns people. This grotte is the largest natural cave in the Périgord Noir, featuring colonnades, stalactites and stalagmites. The Domme Caves are a must tourist attraction for those with an interest in caves and grottes.

A highlight of any visit to Domme and a popular tourist attraction is the Belvedere de la Barre, which offers a stunning view of the Dordogne River and the start of the Promenade des Falaises – a short walk leading to a public park which is a lovely area for a picnic.

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