Les Eyzies | Tourist Attractions in Les Eyzies

Les Eyzies
Tourist Attractions in Les Eyzies
Les Eyzies
Tourist Attractions in Les Eyzies
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Les Eyzies | Tourist Attractions in Les Eyzies the Dordogne

Les Eyzies

Les Eyzies or to call the town its full name Les Eyzies de Taynac-Sirueil is a small town on the banks of the Vezere River in the Dordogne department of France. Les Eyzies is a popular tourist destination and offers a number of interesting attractions to see.
Les Eyzies has a long history being the seat of the powerful Lords of Taynac in the middle ages, now it is best known for the caves and grottes that surround the town that were once the home to Cro-Magnon man 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. Discovered in 1862 during the construction of the railway the caves surrounding Les Eyzies have been designated a UNESCO world heritage site.

Tourist Attractions in Les Eyzies the Dordogne

The Pole International de la History (PIP) is a free centre which gives visitors loads of information on all the prehistoric sites in the area. This is an excellent place to start a tour of the caves, grottes and troglodyte dwellings and other Les Eyzies tourist attractions.

The National Museum of Pre-History Les Eyzies houses a collection of over one million relics and artifacts found from the many pre-historic sites in the area. The Les Eyzies National Museum of Pre-History is a fascinating Les Eyzies tourist attraction and great place to learn about pre-historic man and a must for any history lover.

The Caves, Grottes and Troglodyte Dwellings in the Vezere Valley are extensive and extend for kilometres in each direction from Les Eyzies. One of the most famous Les Eyzies tourist attractions is Font du Guame which is located a km from the town centre. Read more about Caves and Grottes here.

The Museum of Castel-Merle in Les Eyzies is another interesting stopping off point and popular attraction which features its own museum with relics dug up from the surrounding area along with shelters that once housed Neanderthal Man and then Cro-Magnon Man.

Canoe the Vezere River, when you need a break from caves and grottes a canoe trip down the river is an excellent way to see the stunning countryside and is a popular Les Eyzies tourist attraction. There are a number of operators in the area and all pick you up at the other end and return you to the starting point.

Les Eyzies has a popular produce market which is held on Monday mornings.

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