Dordogne | Things to See in Sarlat and the Dordogne

Things to See in Sarlat and the Dordogne

Sarlat and the Dordogne have so many things to do and things to see. Visit the medieval and beautifully preserved town of Sarlat, go under ground and explore our ancestors roots in the many caves and grottes that are scattered across the Dordogne and Vezere Valleys. Other things to see are the beautiful towns and villages, including some of the Les plus beaux villages de France (beautiful villages of France), visit the Chateaux of the Dordogne.

Sarlat | Things to See in Sarlat and the Dordogne

Beautiful Sarlat is a medieval town that developed around a large Benedictine abbey of Carolingian origin. The medieval Sarlat Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Sacerdos. Because modern history has largely passed it by, Sarlat has remained preserved and is one of the towns most representative of 14th century France. Close by to Sarlat are a number of medieval villages that feature heavily in the history of the region.

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Chateaux | Things to See in Sarlat and the Dordogne

It is claimed the Dordogne has over 1000 chateaux – there is everything from defensive castles from which the 100 years war was fought to stately homes. Also clustered around each chateau are historic villages that are also a delight to see. Our favorite chateaux to see are Castelnaud, Beynac, Hauteford and Biron.

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Markets | Things to See in Sarlat and the Dordogne

The Markets are an important part of daily life in France, it is a chance for locals to meet and exchange gossip and to buy the best possible produce available. Markets can be found across the region and range from the famous Sarlat market to small markets in tiny villages. If you are in France during cherry or strawberry season – buy some. They will be the best fruit you have ever eaten!

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Caves | Things to See in Sarlat and the Dordogne

The caves and grottes of the Dordogne play a significant role in the history of both the area and Cro-Magnon man – the first early modern humans. The first sample of Cro-Magnon man was discovered in the town of Les Eyzies – de Taynac (or just Les Eyzies) in the heart of the Dordogne. There are hundreds of caves across the Dordogne region, here we have listed the most important ones and have given the caves of Les Eyzies therir own section as there a so many in this area.

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Villages | Things to See in Sarlat and the Dordogne

The beautiful Dordogne plays host to a number of gorgeous villages. As you drive around the region you will come across quaint, cute, picture perfect villages at every turn. At the very top of this list are a number of villages that have received the prestigious classification as French ‘beautiful village’. “Les plus beaux villages de France” There are 152 “Les plus beaux villages de France” nine of which are found in the Dordogne – more than any other department in France.

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