Excideuil | Things to See and Do in Excideuil

Excideuil | Things to See and Do in Excideuil


The village of Excideuil sits on a limestone plateau between the upper reaches of the rivers Isle and Auvézère. The river Loue runs through the town.

The town was originally developed around a 10th century monastery and is an interesting old-town with a lovely gothic church and 16th century houses.

Excideuil was exempted from paying taxes in 1482 by Louis XI and this coupled with the iron mining industry in the area led to a period of prosperity and great wealth. As a result many of the houses built during these times are important buildings with interesting architecture.

Nearby perched high on a rocky promontory is the Chateau d’Excideuil which repelled Richard the Lion Heart on three different times and played a significant role in the history of the area. Unfortunately this chateau is not open to the public.

The main town square of Excideuil is a very pretty square with a fountain and is surrounded by houses dating to the 17th and 18th centuries, nearby is a church and the remains of the 10th century monastery, which has an impressive stone door dating to the 15th century.

This is the Hospital which was originally a convent is one of the oldest buildings in the Dordogne dating from the 12th century.

The weekly Thursday Market in the town is quite famous and is said to be the busiest market in the region.

Things to See and Do in Excideuil

Town Square
Pretty sqaure surrounded by period houses.

On the town square this church has the remains of the original towns 10th century monastery.

Once a convent this building is reputed to be one of the oldest in the Dordogne.

Chateau d’Excideuil
High on a outlook this chateau 3 times repelled Richard the Lionheart.

Held on a Thursday, this famous market is one of the busiest in the region and attracts produce from far and wide.



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