Festivals in Sarlat la Caneda

JANUARY – TRUFFLE FESTIVAL – The Sarlat Truffle festival is held in the third week of January. Truffle hunters gather to sell their truffles and watching the process of buying a truffle is very interesting. The festival also includes cooking demonstration with a focus on Foie Gras and Truffles.

MARCHSARLAT FEST’OIE: Held at the start of March the Fest’oie (festival of the goose) celebrates its emblem with a goose fair. On the Saturday of the festival a flock of geese are herded to the famous Place du Marche aux Oie in Sarlat. On the Sunday of the festival there is a gastronomic banquet held at the cultural centre with chefs preparing goose in multiple ways.

JUNERINGUETA: The Ringueta is a fetival celebrating games from yesteryear such as;

  • Le Rampeau – similar to skittles a ball is trown at 3 skittles with the aim t knock all 3 down at once. If all three fall the crowd yells “Rampeau”.
  • Le Rodéo Tonneau This game is played by children who sit astride an old barrel strung on a mast 20 cm thick. The child must move forward by pulling on a rope. It is a game of balance as it not always easy to stay in the saddle.
  • Le Mât de Cocagne – This is the main Ringueta game. A mast is erected in the middle of the Place de la Grande Rigaudie, participants climb the pole to the top with no assistance using only their hands and feet.
  • Other games are the tug of war and a race on stilts.

At the end of the games is a huge feast showcasing local Perigordian food such as garlic soup, l’enchaud périgourdin walnut cake and more.

MAY – JOURNEES DU TERRIOR: Held on the Thusday and Friday of the Ascension weekend in May. The Journee du Terrior is a terrific two day market that brings together farmers showcasing local foods such as milk, honey, wine, sausages, mushrooms, jams and chestnuts of the Périgord and even caviar from Neuvic… This is one of the major gourmet gatherings of the year.

JUNE – FETE DE LA MUSIQUE: This is the national music day held on the 21st June every year with musicians and performers throughout the medieval town.

JULY – THEATRE GAMES FESTIVAL: One of the eldest theatre festivals in France the Theatre games festival is held from the end of July to the middle of August. Stages are set up throughout the medieval town where performances are held.

JULY – EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography exhibitions held throughout July and August in the medieval centre.

SEPTEMBER – PATRIMMONE: (European Heritage Day) A beautiful evening in Sarlat when the streets of the old town are lit with candles in celebration of the towns heritage. Held in the 3rd week-end of September it is celebrated as “Sarlat’s heritage beneath the stars”

NOVEMBER – FILM FESTIVAL: Held at the Rex Cinema this is an important event in Sarlat the Film Festival presents the most recent films from producers around the world. Held in Mid-November.

DECEMBER – CHRISTMAS MARKET: A wonderful market with a different theme every year the Sarlat Christmas market. The Parking Rigaudie is converted into a Christmas wonderland and the town full of lights and decorations.