Lalinde | Things to See and Do in Lalinde

Lalinde | Things to See and Do in Lalinde



Lalinde is a lovely town in the Dordogne that sits on the banks of the Dordogne river.

The town was a strategically important military site and was the first English bastide town, it suffered serious damage during the Hundred Years’ War and again in 1562 and 1572 during the Wars of Religion.

The train station was built in 1877 and the bridge over the Dordogne River in 1880 opening the town to commerce and trade.

During WWII the town was a Resistance stronghold and paid a heavy price when on 21 June many of Lalinde’s men were killed in the Mouleydier massacre.

A highlight of the town is the tourist office which is housed in a lovely Renaissance building and surrounding buildings situated right on the edge of the river.

The market halle in the middle of the town is an attractive building and is surrounded by cafes and shops, there is small lake in the town.

Lalinde has a market every Thursday morning.

Things to See and Do in Lalinde

Numerous old houses including;
The Governor’s House.
The House Counsel.
The remains of the south wall.

The Renaissance house which is now home to the Tourist Office.

The St Pierre Church.

The Dordogne River and Canal de Lalinde the purpose of which is to by-pass rapids in the river.



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